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WANTED: Volunteer Artists

MOD Films is looking for talent to VOLUNTEER and HELP complete post production on our re-mixable sci-fi Sanctuary. All contributions will need to be assigned over to MOD Films so we can release the entire work under a free-for-non-commercial use license (see Creative Commons).


We are currently looking for (as of Oct 08):

  • rotoscope artists (Shake)
  • 2D/3D compositors (Shake)
  • motion graphics/user interface designers (After Effects)
  • 3D environment artists (Maya)
  • character animators (Maya)
  • matchmoving artists (Boujou)
  • sound designers (Logic)
  • music composers
  • sound mixers
  • VFX supervisors
  • web interns (LAMP, python experience preferred)

Please email reception AT with:

  • a brief CV, ideally with links to your amazing work
  • the role(s) of interest
  • your availability (e.g. "right now till I get a job", "in a fortnight from now")
  • your commitment level (e.g. "5hrs/week", "5 hours total", "one shot")

Can't help but know someone who can? Spread this link.. digg

Not available to help but want to MOD this? Join our "beta band" at or subscribe to our mailing list

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