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Information for contributors to Sanctuary

MOD Films is producing an experimental re-mixable film, Sanctuary with the following deliverables:

  • Short film (feature film pilot)
  • Interactive re-mixable film with plug-in MODs (film re-mixes/applications/games/etc)
  • Online community for people who want to play with films (in development) - can't wait? join our beta band on Multiply
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Sanctuary will be created in the manner of a game MOD:

  • Project leader, Michela Ledwidge, received an award from NESTA Inventions and Innovations (i.e. very limited funding for prototyping)
  • De-centralised key contributors ("virtual team")
  • Creation of community resources (free-for-non-commercial use)
  • Low-to-no pay for contributors
  • More contributors than would otherwise be available
  • Mainly volunteer labour

Benefits to contributors are:

  • Fun e-learning experience
  • Network with top talent across traditional and new media
  • Free research and development into the future of film
  • Publicity - be part of a world-first project with unprecedented press for an unfinished short film - read our press clippings and see what the buzz is about
  • Long shelf-life - world-class archival expertise will ensure that this digital artwork remains available
  • Showcase your talent within a next-generation movie
  • (early contributors have gone on to work with directors such as Ridley Scott and Terrence Mallick and secure jobs at renowned film companies such as The Mill)

MOD Films may wish to distribute volunteer work for commercial use:

  • MOD Films will seek to buy out rights to selected work for a token fee
  • Contributors retain the right to distribute their work for non-commercial use (and can negotiate commercial re-use).
  • MOD Films will sell licenses to use, and re-use, digital film assets commercially

MOD Films wishes to publish all contributions in an unprecedented manner on DVD and on the Internet

  • "Free-for-non-commercial-use plus attribution" licensing of all production elements
  • Online publishing of machine-readable information on film elements and assets on an unprecedented scale.
  • Imagine being able to look up not just someone's film credit, but whatever assets they contributed to.

Any questions, get in touch