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Happy New Year

2006 has begun and the story shifts once again. When MOD Films started up two years ago, there were no buzz phrases to describe what we were about. "User-Generated Content" or "Social Media" wasn't referred to but audiences clearly wanted more opportunities for dialogue. Content providers wanted more business, even at the expense of developing social skills. Storytellers wanted more buzz in order to stand out from the crowd. But what wasn't clear was how traditional media would respond.

Last year, we saw technology vendors become liable for when their users misbehaved. Film companies frisked and filmed cinema goers to weed out videotaping. Media giants got caught hacking their customers and installing malware. Labels began suing parents for the file-sharing habits of their children (and children's friends). Digital Rights Management carved up popular culture into incompatible clumps of soon-to-be-obsolete padlocked
files. Entertainment giants claimed a decisive victory against piracy, and through demonising their audience, seemed to collectively lose the plot.

It was a tumultuous year for our little outfit but there's also been a huge amount of work achieved behind the scenes which will see our little malleable movie out the door this year along with some new cheeky new software. Apart from the 35mm film production in May, we've got eight products underway. The original experience, as envisaged way back in 2003, is all coming together. Thanks to everyone for your efforts and support. So many people have contributed in so many ways and I'm really proud of what we've achieved to-date. Welcome also
to all the folks writing in after reading about the project in Wired.

So what's in store for MOD Films in 2006? Sanctuary will, of course, be out the door. First versions of our community platform,, and the RIG, our re-mixable film player, will follow shortly afterwards. And stories stories stories! We've already started collating the best mash-ups we can find and working on getting more
story-tellers in the mix. That's the plan. How it all ends up largely depends on you.

Happy New Year.

Michela Ledwidge
Director, MOD Films