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What is MOD Films


MOD Films was founded to explore a more ecological approach to high-end storytelling that is both liberating and frightening for content creators and film-makers. What happens when you give an audience full control over a story?

We're developing a new relationship to online audiences with "re-mixable films" that can be extended and expanded through MODs (modifications) in the same way as video games. The heart of the business is storytelling. Content creators don't HAVE to give audiences "full control" but we demonstrate the fun and financial incentives for considering it.

Every element of the Sanctuary production has been cleared for future re-use, from concept art through to professional cast performances, as part of a world-first social media experiment. The process has not been without controversy and MOD Films is trying to strike a hard balance between operating a sustainable media business whilst really empowering audiences. On the positive side, Sanctuary may be the highest profile unfinished short film ever. Wired Magazine recently acknowledged the project as the first massively multi-player movie and the two-way conversation with our audience has begun.

Enough about us... Imagine if you had control over your favourite story. What would you do with it?