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Head Bin

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Head Binis an original sci-fi story universe that began as a world-first remixable film experiment around the use of 'Some Rights Reserved' licensing on professional media productions. Sanctuary a Creative Commons licensed "origin story" film was completed in 2009. A TV series, live cinema events and online resources for film MOD'ers are under development. Written and directed by Michela Ledwidge, Sanctuary is a transmedia production exploring new ways to engage audiences and support active participation in the story universe.

See Press Coverage, Wikipedia and Flickr for other perspectives. We're a little biased here. We think this is the most exciting project going! {:-)

Sanctuary received investment from NESTA, and the AFC. The majority of digital assets from the original production are available on request under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial distribution and re-use.

Team Sanctuary virtual studio

Read the project overview then get involved!

We need help to make the world's first re-mixable sci-fi film. Contact us for information on how YOU can help.

via PayPal to become one of our patrons. Receive a credit on this historic film.

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Read about the origins of the project from the original NESTA web site.

Sanctuary is (CC) MOD Films Ltd. Some Rights Reserved.
Sanctuary production stills (C) Christian Hogue. All Rights Reserved.