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Re-mixable films

Re-mixable films are a new kind of film experience influenced by the ability of emerging technology to support live online performance. People play with, disassemble, and re-assemble films to customise stories. This appeals to the market for new entertainment experiences and will result in new revenue streams based on the wider availability and applicability of re-usable film assets.

Film sampling will one day be as common as music sampling. Film audiences will be able to play with film as easily as they would play a musical instrument or play with recorded music.

Technology and online culture have irrevocably changed the relationship between film-makers and their audience. Relationships are no longer purely one-way. Film production, live performance and online systems architecture are all converging to offer a more bilateral interactive experience.

Sampling culture is evolving quickly, especially online. With the consent of film-makers, audiences can have unprecedented freedom to create new relationships to a story, personal relationships, less hampered by intellectual property rights. Story-telling is all about making connections, so this is an exciting development for us all.