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The MOD FILMS Network ( is a web platform supporting stories whether they be amateur or professional. We are not about re-inventing the wheel or building a walled garden. The system is in ALPHA (i.e. we're building it out in the open) but our aim is to provide a useful node on the Internet for storytellers. This includes acting as a bridge to existing resources.


Existing communities

Use the contact form to get your community listed or to get involved. Latest postings to Massive

Best place to find film MODers. Our "beta band" community space for people who want to re-mix Sanctuary.

Massive Latest postings to Massive

Partner blog that is tracking "the massively multi-lingual story-telling medium - online film and beyond".

The Internet Archive Latest postings to The Movie Archive

The largest free online archive of video content aimed at encouraging the use of moving images in new contexts.

Common Content Newest Common Content

"A catalog of works licensed in the Creative Commons, available to anyone for copying or creative re-use."

Creative Archive

Rip, mix and share content from the BBC. UK residents only.

re-mixable films tribe Latest discussions on re-mixable films tribe

Discussion and events forum. "Why let game players have all the fun? Let's MOD the movies. How would you fiddle with your favourite films if they let you? What are people doing anyhow?"


"All games, all mods, one site, go figure."

Listings and downloads for all real-time 3D movies and real-time movie-making technology. Most movies are available for download and have been made with game software.

VJ Central

"A community site for VJs by VJs intended for newbies who want to learn how to create live visuals as well as for experienced VJs looking for inspiration, advanced tips and or other fellow VJs."

Vibrant online video community focused on social justice issues.

The official Star Wars fan film community now hosting fan films from several other franchises like The Matrix and Batman.


E-mint is an independent organisation of community professionals and anyone interested in the theory or practice of online communities.

Open Source Cinema Latest postings to Open Source Cinema

Open Source Cinema is a film project dedicated to creating movies in ways inspired by the free software and free culture movements. The goal is for filmmakers to be able to collaboratively create film works, via Internet, using shared footage from a variety of sources.

Free Cinema

Free Cinema is an experiment with two goals: 1) To introduce independent filmmakers to the ideas behind the burgeoning free-culture movement. 2) To see if applying those ideas to feature filmmaking will result in something new and interesting.

Stray Cinema

Stray Cinema is an open source film. It is an experiment that combines filmmaking with online information sharing. We have shot a film and put the raw footage on this website, so you can download it and make your own version of the film!