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Online Services

MOD Films aims to make new release and heritage stories more accessible. This means helping film-makers manage digital assets more effectively.

We are developing new online services to help you:

  • Produce your stories and shows more effectively
  • Sell your IP in more ways to a wider audience
  • Market titles and story worlds in new and innovative ways

MOD Films is also a lab, cooking up new ideas such as Michela Ledwidge's 'remixable film', an interactive consumer entertainment experience devised around a specific title (Sanctuary) but which we will be releasing as a format for any title in the future.

  • Rip apart and sample your favourite films
  • Access unlimited DVD Extras online
  • Extend old films with your own material
  • Have fun with sampling and mash-ups

Digital Asset Mining

A one-stop shop for film asset management for Producers. Add interactivity to your new film. Delve into your archive and uncover new media potential.


Affordable pre-vizualisation and interactive design services for Directors.

New Formats

New processes for Interactive Designers, re-using film material for a wealth of new purposes. Extend the shelf-life of your interactive title and reach new audiences.

Community Building

Create networked environments for your narrative by building your own film worlds. Make a connection to your audience.